RSO – RCO – Raw THC Cannabis Oil in a oral syringe.


Raw Cannabis Oil is the oldest extract, known by most in today’s cannabis world as RSO. Taken orally it is used to regulate your Endocannabinoid System and is thought to kill most forms of cancers.

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Rick Simpson Oil is Raw Cannabis Oil in an oral syringe.

Our oldest extract, known in today’s cannabis world as RSO. Raw Cannabis Oil comes from a plant extraction process used for hundreds of years. Taken orally it is used to regulate your endocannabinoid system. RSO will therefore restore wellness and likewise a sense of well-being to your daily life. Above all Raw Cannabis Oil is thought by scientists and medical doctors to kill most forms of cancers.

Our bodies already make THC and CBD. When our bodies do not make enough of either cannabinoid however, the body consequently will become state of “Dis Ease”. In short, Raw Cannabis Oil will restore the feeling of wellness.  Above all, Raw Cannabis Oil will promote a higher functioning auto immune system and subsequently better health. Try our one gram trial size today. Each gram contains 100 micro doses of life changing cannabis-infused medicine.

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