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Our Random Kush is just exactly that. Until as such time that we can provide a continuous full strain list, we will choose 3 outdoor strains on a weekly basis and sort them by type. Sativa, Indica or Hybrid will be our categories. These will be our $99 Random Kush ounces. With the price of cannabis fluctuating on a daily basis and at such a fluctuating rate from state to state, we aim to spread our good fortune in the Pacific Northwest to you. We know from experience that a newly legal state will have many unforeseen problems with cannabis procurement, that can a year or two to rectify.

So until your state can provide you with the medicine you need today….. we have invented Random Kush, AKA “The Magic Ounce”. Use the special comments section of the order page to instruct us as to which type you want, Sativa, Indica or Hybrid.

Choose Cannabis Medicine Online.  We have the finest and most trusted 100% organic medical marijuana (MMJ) on the internet. The finest cannabis available with safe free, guaranteed shipping.

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