Our open letter to The Food and Drug Association

On October 21 at 9:41 AM

The cannabis plant and its resins are responsible for the continued lives of over 25 people that I have used cannabis to treat for various cancers with a 100% success rate. If I were allowed to study cannabis and provide cannabis federally ie Veterans suffering from PTSD, Tremors, Parkinson’s etc, etc, the world would be a better place to live and thrive. Cannabis contains THC9 in acidic form that produces new cell growth in the human brain. The United States of America already owns half of the cannabis plant via the CBD patent. Hemp is now flown to every state and delivered by our postal office. The reality is that this will lead to, or has led to already.. shipments of cannabis across the United States that cannot be traced by conventional means used for other cannabis based plants that are legal ie CBD, such as drug dogs, which cannot be used now due to legal hemp sales.

So if not for any other reasoning other than that it will be a huge waste of monies trying to keep the THC half of cannabis illegal using the standard out dated and incorrect pseudo science available today in efforts to stop it are futile. We also see that CBD is now not only accepted but CBD is schedule 5 and legal for companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi who are already formulating and leaking advertising for these very CBD drink products. So following that train of thought, not legalizing or federally regulating cannabis would be a sour mistake for the FDA and cause needless continued suffering across the United States, who could use the Income Tax potential from cannabis to replace the industrial military complex as its sustaining GNP and provide enough funding to rebuild our infrastructure and end world hunger, something you should support for the betterment of our species.

The current FAA rules that allow for Maine to fly it’s cannabis and cannabis concentrates are also legal as determined by the head of the FAA “provided it is a legal substance in the state of its origin”, have released pilots from any responsibility of carrying it on board. So the federal Government has upheld this FAA ruling since the early 1970’s around the same time as the original studies in San Francisco provided the results that were used by the United States of America to obtain its CBD patent to begin with, this is all common knowledge and easily verifiable including the FAA’s past and continued current stance on, and interpretation of, this law. So combine that with the 41 states who have voted and have stated loudly in support of cannabis use for both recreational and medical purposes with the last 9 hold out states to soon follow.

So it may as well be fully federally legal and taxed and regulated on a federal basis. As it is, there so many loopholes in federal law that it is “not illegal” to fly to other states and have it be legal upon landing, rendering this a victory for cannabis sale(s) on a federal or states wide format. Our Oregon state is suffering from a loss financially as millions of pounds of cannabis are grown in our states legally only to rot on the vine or be burned by the farmers who grow it because they cannot pay their taxes on the product as cannabis and cannabis licensing is not currently regulated properly. The USA has lost its war on cannabis and cannabis has won while not needing to fire a single shot or take one life.

So the time to “Grab cannabis by the profit margin” is upon us now as Canada is legal and Mexico is headed that way very soon, so unless we want to build a giant box for our country and seal all borders because a plant that is already everywhere (41 states) could slip in…. (it is ludicrous to even consider) we as a country in financial ruin need to legalize and profit from the financial, as well as medical benefits of cannabis and its resins.. . The international community is also currently changing it’s stance and are making the necessary changes to free cannabis (The whole plant not just CBD) on an international level. We will soon be left in the dust waging war on half the active ingredients of a plant. Smart money says we need to legalize yesterday!

Thank you Lari Bollinger, The Cannabis Cabinet on www.cannabismedicineonline.com a purveyor of Proprietary Dietary Supplements internationally.

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