About Us

The Cannabis Cabinet is located in Eugene Oregon. We have dedicated the last 40 years to making homemade cannabis medicines and providing them to friends and family members in need of non traditional medicines for a variety of aches and pains. Now that Medical Cannabis is legal in 30 states we find the need for available affordable cannabis medicine products. The Cannabis Cabinet is a network of caregivers who procure the various extra medical cannabis from multiple sources such as licensed growers, personal recreational home grown cannabis as well as cannabis produced by indigenous American Indian tribes and hemp grown in the USA.

Our network of caregivers in each state and country are able to provide service to those legally documented medical marijuana patients over 21 years of age who upon ordering agree to produce any individual state required paperwork i.e. participant cards, doctors referral. New members of Cannabis Medicine Online further agree to only order their states allowable amounts of allowable products in their state, as each states allowable amounts are varied as to products allowed and amounts of products allowed and as members of Cannabis Medicine Online agree that they and their caregiver(s) are bound by the laws of their individual state of residence.

The Cannabis Cabinet is the sole property of The Church of the Holy Smoke USA,, a non denominational worldwide cannabis based church that uses cannabis as a sacrament a food and a dietary supplement.